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Starbucks is planning to open a new location right across the street from my office.  To announce the upcoming store, they put up a big sign that reads, “Don’t Worry!  Expected Delivery Winter 2011.

But here’s the deal:  I wasn’t worried.  Seriously, this is Seattle and coffee is just not something I have to worry about.

Here is a list of adequate (if not favorite) coffee shops that I can get to easily each day, without even going more than a block or so off my normal pedestrian route:

And these are just the places I am willing to grab coffee.  There are other places, like Fremont Coffee Company and Caffe Ladro, which are more than 2 blocks from my pedestrian path & hence not on this list.  There are others I’ve left off because I don’t enjoy their product.

So as you can see Starbucks, I wasn’t terribly worried.  But I appreciate your thoughtfulness and your concern for my mental health. In a day and age when companies don’t often consider their customers’ needs, your consideration of my mental state is refreshing.  As refreshing as a hot, steamy espresso drink on a cold, rainy day in the Pacific Northwest.

Now, when does the new store open exactly?  I’ve got a hankering for a caramel macchiato.


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Photo: U.S. Air Force

I enjoy compiling lists of things that are wrong. It gives me a chance to be snarky & make fun of things. But as 2010 kicks off, I thought it might be time to refocus my energy on things that are right. Things that are good — either in a warm fuzzy sort of way, or a goofy silly fun sort of way.

Enjoy this inaugural post, “Things That Are Right”…

The point is, there’s something each of us can do to make things more right.  Let’s get to it!  This is going to be a great year and a great decade!

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